(Free) This hypnotic sleep story for grown-ups is about a man walking through the woods to a lake where he has a boat moored, he travels in his boat out onto the lake and drifts into an afternoon reverie where he dreams about being in a library and reading a book about Jack and the Beanstalk, only the story isn't quite how he remembers it and he realises that it has been written to teach him something. After reading the book he places it back and finds a secret tunnel, he follows that tunnel deep under the library where he finds another book in a strange unknown language he seems to be able to understand, he goes through that book before finding another secret tunnel through a cave and out over looking a valley of dinosaurs, he goes into the valley for a while before finding his way back to the library and then drifting back from his reverie to discover the sun has set. He watches the milky way and shooting stars and drifts off to sleep. In the morning he wakes up to the warm morning sun on his face and a mist hovering low over the lake, travels back to shore and walks back through the woods.

You can find this story and about 100 others on my Dan Jones Hypnosis Sleep Stories Podcast to listen to as mp3's. Find out more here: https://danjoneshypnosis.podbean.com/. You can also find over 100 sleep stories for grownups and over 20 sleep stories for children, plus hypnotherapy training videos, autism awareness and mental health videos, guided meditations and self hypnosis videos on my YouTube channel 'Dan Jones Hypnosis': http://www.youtube.com/danjoneshypnosis 

You can also purchase my book 'Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups' which is a collection of 20 of my stories from my YouTube channel from Amazon and bookshops in paperback and on Amazon Kindle... Search Kindle, Amazon or bookshops for: Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups Dan Jones (You can follow this link to be taken to the book/ebook on your local Amazon website: http://hyperurl.co/etygs5)


(Premium) This healing sleep story is about a girl who finds an unusually large rabbit hole, she decides to explore the rabbit hole and finds that deep in the rabbit hole is a man-made corridor. She follows the corridor to a lift, descends deep underground in the lift and finds herself in what appeared to be a prehistoric land.


(Premium) This ASMR sleep story is about someone going out on a ship to a calm part of the ocean, they take a submarine deep down to the ocean floor and into a huge unusual cave system. The submarine finds a lost world inside the cave with mountains, a valley, river, lake, forest...and dinosaurs.


This sleep story is about astronauts trying to find their way back to their own time by creating a time machine.

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