(Premium) This Ericksonian hypnosis deep trance experience is ideal to use if you want to fall asleep (used like an Ericksonian hypnosis bedtime stories as a guided journey to sleep), or just relax deeply (like my Ericksonian hypnosis guided meditations). It is similar to my Ericksonian hypnosis bedtime stories, but is designed to induce a deep trance in the listener and ends giving you the choice to fall asleep or awaken in your own time. This track is also designed with ASMR in mind with a male voice.

Here is an outline of what is covered:

- The track starts with you closing your eyes and noticing your current experience
- Then there is a stage of progressive relaxation to work through focusing on all areas of your body and letting your body relax, whilst also helping to increase the narrowing focus of your attention from externally focused to internally focused
- This is followed up with a healing light full body relaxation where you focus on a healing light passing through your body
- Following this we move into mental imagery where you imagine yourself in a field. In this field you walk to a grand oak tree
- You enter the oak tree and walk down a spiral staircase where you find a door
- You pass through the door into a grand echoing art gallery with a marble floor, you check out the art work, walk down some corridors, and find a painting of a beach with a hut in the distance
- You step into the painting and onto the beach and walk to the hut
- You enter the hut and search around finding a door with a sign saying 'room of nothingness'
- You enter this room of nothingness, walk across the room, out the far door and into a lift
- You enter the lift and see four buttons with the bottom button saying 'basement of trance', you press this button and descend in the lift down to the basement of trance
- When the lift doors open you see a pitch black room with a single comfy chair lit up by a light, you walk to the chair
- You sit in the chair, put on an eye mask and drift off finding yourself on another world
- You explore this other world, and learn from the experience, and take what you need from the experience, before then either returning back to wakeful awareness in your own time feeling refreshed and revitalised, or drifting comfortably asleep.

This track uses transitions and journey's and silence, all of which deepen the experience. Most tracks people do only have one or two journey's or transitions - this track has at least fifteen different transitions and journey's, and silence.

This track is best listened to through headphones, and at a time you can pay it your full attention, so not while driving or operating machinery. If you are listening to this on YouTube make sure you have the autoplay switch turned off, if the switch is on another video will start playing once this video finishes, and some videos may have loud ads, or be videos you don't want to listen to, this is especially important if you are listening to this to fall asleep.

(Free) This is a four seasons deep sleep relaxation meditation. This sleep meditation takes you on a journey through the seasons to help you relax and sleep. It is also therapeutic using therapeutic metaphors to help you with stress and life challenges.

You can find dozens more self-hypnosis, meditation and sleep story mp3's at: and my Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube Channel: 

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