(Premium) This healing hypnosis sleep story for adults is a guided sleep meditation deep relaxation bedtime story for grownups about you walking through an art gallery. You sit on a stone bench gazing at a large wall-sized painting wondering about what the artist was thinking when they painted it. All of your focus settles on the painting. You feel drawn into the painting. You find yourself in that painting. You find yourself standing on top of rolling hills overlooking an ocean. You walk down to the sea shore and into a cave. In the cave, you hear a steam train. You discover a platform, you board the train. You sit in a private cabin on the train. The steam train travels through a tunnel and out into daylight where you notice tall mountains and a valley, meadows and woodland. The train then heads through another tunnel and out into a dense pine forest. The train stops at a station in the forest. You walk deep into the forest where you find a stream which you sit down next to. You notice a light rise up out of the stream which opens up like a capsule containing a fairy. The fairy explains to you where you are. As night sets in, you notice the moon and stars and the way the moon illuminates the stream. As night-time progresses, so you rest back against a tree and drift off asleep. In a dream you notice yourself looking over a vast valley, seeing another location in the World you have fallen asleep in. You notice birds and other animals. As the sun starts to rise, you awaken by the stream, noticing its beauty. You head back to the train you arrived on. You board the train which takes you back to where you started, you climb the cliff, leave the painting, back into the art gallery, back into the you sat in the gallery. Then you leave the art gallery and head home and at bedtime, you drift asleep dreaming about the art gallery and being in the painting. All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups use therapeutic storytelling to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety.

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December 19, 2018

Volcano Island (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This hypnotic sleep stories for grown ups was made by asking my YouTube subscribers to choose the setting, the various stages the story takes and the ending of the story. I then took what subscribers suggested and voted on and weaved these together into this long sleep story.

The story is about someone working in a museum, entering a picture, finding themselves on a volcano island during a storm searching for a gem, finding themselves sleeping on the back of a turtle, diving to a crystal palace, then to an underwater cave, finding what they need to find and returning...

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