June 5, 2020

90 Minute Virtual Hypnotherapy Session With Dan Jones

(Premium) This is a Virtual Hypnotherapy Session (ideally, wear headphones and listen to this in a comfortable seated position at a time you are unlikely to fall asleep. If you want to listen to this to fall asleep, you can listen lying down. It is still best listened to through headphones if possible and if you listen without really paying attention and engaging fully, then it will be likely to just send you to sleep, rather than get the therapeutic benefit of the 'session' itself).

Experience arriving, sitting down and then experiencing a 90 minute hypnotherapy session. The way this is recorded is so that you can listen to it regularly as if going back for multiple hypnotherapy sessions. You can focus on your over all goal and then each 'session' you work on what you need to work on next towards that goal.

Each time you listen, you will increase in responsiveness and you will be more used to the process you are engaging with so you will find it easier to know what you want to say or do at the various stages of the process. This virtual hypnotherapy session doesn't replace face-to-face professional or medical support.

You should always consult your Doctor or medical professional if you have any type of psychological or physical problem.

The way this ends is to give you the option of 'awakening in your own time', so you can follow along to this and if you decide to do so, you can drift comfortably asleep once it ends, or you can awaken shortly after it has ended.

This is a hypnotherapy session, so, like all hypnotherapy sessions, the idea to get the most out of this, is for you to engage with the therapy, not just be a passive listener, or even worse, passive and not really even listening along.

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