(Free) The original version of this healing sleep story was one of my first sleep stories on YouTube back in 2007 and was recorded in about 2003. This is a remake of that story (which had low audio quality).This healing bedtime story also stimulates ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) in many listeners as they fall asleep.

This healing sleep story is about a prince who wonders whether he will make a king as good as his father, he doesn't feel he has a sense of purpose, he looks out of the castle over the land and wonders what life beyond the castle walls is like, he sees how happy people are in the village despite having very little. The prince leaves the palace, walks through the village into the woods, along the side of a stream where he hears whistling which he investigates. He has a sense of being followed, he is unsure about the feeling of being followed, he doesn't like the feeling, but discovers it was nothing to worry about and learns something about himself from the experience. The prince carries on his journey into the mountains, he learns what he needs to learn before finding his way back to the palace where he lays down in bed and falls relaxed asleep.

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