October 17, 2019

An Egyptian Cat’s Ocean Adventure (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This healing hypnotic sleep story for grownups was recorded in my recent YouTube livestream with ideas given by subscribers who had tuned in for the live sleep story for grownups. I asked those who were watching to give me ideas they would like me to include in the story. There were a lot of ideas given and I decided that I would try to incorporate as many of them as I could.

This healing hypnotic sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a cat in Egypt walking through the warm sand, down to the Nile and boarding a boat. On the boat, the cat drifts off asleep and begins to dream. The cat dreams of walking through long grass one misty night-time and heading into a magical forest. As the cat heads towards a clearing, it notices a unicorn. The cat climbs on the back of the unicorn and the two of them head out into the clearing to a lake. In the clearing, with a bright, white, light, the unicorn develops wings. It flaps its wings, and launches itself up into the sky galloping on a rainbow of light. The unicorn takes the cat to a palace in the clouds. In the palace, the cat sees a picture of the ocean from a clifftop. The cat steps into the picture, finding themselves on the cliff. They walk to the edge of the cliff and see a turtle down on the seashore. They follow a path down the cliff to the sea and over to the turtle. As the cat nears the turtle, a woman walks out of a cave and also heads over to that turtle. The woman pets the cat and tickles its belly before climbing onto the turtle with the cat and entering the ocean and diving deep underwater. As they go deeper underwater the woman's legs turn into the tail of a mermaid. They dive down to a crystal palace deep under the ocean. In the palace, the mermaid explains that the cat needs to learn from this whole experience. In the palace, the cat finds somewhere to lie down. It lies down and drifts asleep. As the cat falls asleep in the palace, it awakens on the boat. The cat walks out onto the deck of the boat and realises the boat is in stormy waters. The cat helps a beetle get to safety and then goes to help the crew of the boat. While on deck helping the crew, a penguin leapt onto the boat, and in the water Orca whales started circling the boat and then helping to stabilise the boat to help keep the boat on track through the storm. As the storm passed, so the killer whales swam off, the penguin left the boat, the crew relaxed and the cat went back into the cabin and drifted back asleep. When the cat next awoke the boat was back in the Nile, so the cat left the boat and went home to sleep in its own bed.

All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups are designed to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety.

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