October 23, 2019

An Underground Civilisation (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This healing hypnotic sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a woman out in space with her crew on a spaceship heading towards a habitable planet that was discovered. This woman wanted to be one of the first to visit an alien world. At the alien world the crew discover that a few thousands years ago a civilisation lived on this planet, the planet has plenty of plant life and simple animals. The crew explored ruins of the ancient civilisation and followed a path to the foot of a mountain where they found a well preserved painting of a family in front of the mountain. The crew discovered a secret tunnel into the mountain. They went into the tunnel to explore the inside of the mountain. As they walked into the tunnel, lights turned on and the further into the mountain they walked the more they could hear sounds similar to when you are approaching a town or city. In the underground city they met the aliens and found out that they created underground cities when a solar storm was due to strike the planet. Over many generations the aliens forgot how to use the advanced technology they had and have got used to their underground life. The woman explained to them that they can now go outside on their planet, that it is safe to do so and that people from Earth are willing to help them if they need any support. The crew then travel back up to their ship in orbit and relax and sleep during their journey back to Earth.

All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups are designed to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety.

You can find over 100 sleep stories for grownups on my Dan Jones Hypnosis Sleep Stories Podcast to listen to as mp3's. Find out more here: https://danjoneshypnosis.podbean.com/ (I use the podcast as an alternative to using Patreon or other similar services). You can also find over 100 sleep stories for grownups and over 20 sleep stories for children on my YouTube channel 'Dan Jones Hypnosis': http://www.youtube.com/danjoneshypnosis

You can also purchase my book 'Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups' which is a collection of 20 of my stories from my YouTube channel from Amazon and bookshops in paperback and on Amazon Kindle... Search Kindle, Amazon or bookshops for: Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups Dan Jones (You can follow this link to be taken to the book/ebook on your local Amazon website: http://hyperurl.co/etygs5)

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