August 4, 2020

Connecting With The Universal Now (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This is a long sleep story for grownups created during a livestream with ideas from viewers. This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about driving on a long road trip, travelling through a pine forest, seeing the sun set and stars in the sky. You pull over just beyond the forest and can notice how free of light pollution it is here. You lay back on a blanket on your car bonnet gazing up at the stars. You watch as an electric blue comet hovers in the sky. You let your eyes close and drift into a dream. You find yourself resting on a beach, you then have a sense that you are lying down in a desert at night-time. You walk through the desert towards the flickering orange glow of a fire. You see someone sat near the fire. They gesture for you to sit by the fire. You copy them, sitting by the fire, closing your eyes. They then say they are a guide and you are here to go on a spiritual journey. The guide says to go to the beach. You find yourself on a beach. You notice the way the moonlight dances on the ocean. You find you are sat next to a campfire with the guide still with you. The two of you walk to the sea shore. As you reach the water's edge, the guide tells you to stop and holds out a crystal ball and rolls that ball into the water. As you watch that, the guide says now. As they say now, the ball begins to look like a comet in space. You notice that the ocean went quiet and disappeared and you discover yourself as a mind in space watching the comet. The guide and yourself take a different course to the comet. You head to a distant planet around another star. You head down to a beach on this alien world. You head to a green lagoon. You notice familiar yet alien animals at the lagoon. You see a distant, silent storm. You head over to the animals and the guide tells you to open your mind to them. You feel a sense of connecting with the animals. You and the guide head to some ruins made out of shiny black stone. You begin to learn about how you are connected with the rest of the universe. You find yourself in a pyramid which you explore with the guide. You enter a chamber where you find a box. You open the box and discover a gold ring. You hold the ring and think of peace. You find your mind drifting to finding yourself riding a white horse. You ride to a lake. You row to an island in the middle of the lake. On the island, you discover what looks like a treasure chest. In the chest is a book. You read the book and hear songbirds singing and a deep sense of comfort. You head back to the pyramid, you talk with the guide, before heading back to Earth. Back on Earth, you wear the ring and look through the book and discover that the experience you just had was real. You spread out a bubble of awareness out from you to connect with the world around you. While doing this a fairy visits you to tell you that you are connecting with reality where you can travel through realities. The fairy tells you there is only now. They then guide you through a process of accessing the universal now. You find yourself as a child with a teddy bear. A puppy runs over to you, you stroke the puppy, throw a ball for the dog. You then have a memory of a cat on your lap. Then a memory of walking along a seashore, then through the woods before finding yourself drifting back from these experiences. You set up a camp in the meadow, relax and drift asleep in the tent.

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