June 2, 2020

Couple’s ‘Frozen in Time’ Trip (Effects Version)

(Premium) This is a sleep meditation sleep story for grownups from 2018. I am going through my back catalogue of sleep meditations to create these new versions. It is a very common request for me to add sounds and music to my meditations. I will still be releasing my usual new meditations without background music and sound effects, although the new meditations will have background effects versions released in the future.

This healing hypnosis sleep story for grownups is a guided sleep meditation bedtime story about a couple who live in a palace going out for a walk one day, they walk around the lake and follow along a river, they arrive in the woods and set up camp for the night. They then find an unusual tree, a tree which seems artificial, they find a secret entrance into the tree, follow the tunnel and find themselves in a cave with glowing water. They touch this water and find that time freezes. They find that only they aren't frozen in time. The couple looked at what they could learn from the experience.

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