January 2, 2019

Deep Trance Experience

(Premium) This Ericksonian hypnosis, self hypnosis deep trance experience healing story is great for deep relaxation and self hypnosis to fall asleep. This Ericksonian self hypnosis deep trance experience track is a remake of one I made over a decade ago that was my most popular self hypnosis story video on YouTube. The original had background sounds and music and additional advanced techniques. This has been remade without all the extra stuff.

This healing sleep story has you climbing up into mountains, settling in a cave in the mountains and beginning to meditate about being underwater, going deeper and deeper underwater into an underwater cave, you explore in that cave and discover a rainforest and a hut in that rainforest, this hut is somewhere you can do some inner work and go even deeper absorbed. The story ends giving you the choice to continue to drift off to sleep or to awaken, this allows you to use this during the day time when you want to enter deep trance and do some inner healing but awaken and carry on with the day at the end of the experience.

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