December 17, 2018

Dragon’s Fire Part 01: The Journey Begins (Sleep Story - Find the rest of the series on Dan Jones Podcast or the full album on streaming services)

(Free) Part 1 of 6 of Dan Jones hypnosis sleep story series: Dragon's Fire. Dragon's Fire is a series of 6 bedtime stories for grown-ups. In this story you are introduced to Hyland the wizards apprentice. The nearby village has been attacked by a red dragon and Hyland has to gather a small team together to go on a journey through the realms to rid the land of the dragons which are bringing death and destruction. The only way to succeed is for Hyland to develop his mind, body, spirit, and magic, and to find and understand the Book of Enlightenment. It is only when he has developed all this he will be skilled enough to defeat the Black Dragon in the realm of death.

Parts two, three, four, five and six are available to premium subscribers of the Dan Jones Hypnosis Bedtime Stories podcast or can be listened to for free on Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube Channel.

You can find dozens more self-hypnosis, meditation and sleep story mp3's at: and my Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube Channel: 

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