(Premium) This sleep story is about a man on a small sailing boat, resting on a towel on the front of the boat, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the gentle rocking of the boat. While resting there, he drifts into a reverie about relaxing under an oak tree in a park. He starts to play a hand drum. After playing a while, he packs the drum away and walks through the park and follows a footpath through countryside, to the most beautiful cottage. He enters his cottage, puts the drum in the living room and heads out into the back garden and sits on a bench around a tree at the end of his garden. He gets out an old typewriter and begins to type a story - the princess and the distant lights about a young princess who encounters an elderly lady who can do magic. The lady asks her to find a book, so the princess leaves the palace grounds in search of the book on the back of a unicorn. The girl and the unicorn arrive at the cliff along the coast, find a small cave, the girl heads into that small cave, in the cave, she discovers that it is completely mirrored, with a plinth in the centre of the chamber, with a book standing on it. She gets the book, heads back to the unicorn and they travel back to the palace. The girl gives the woman the book and is told that it is a book of all knowledge. As the woman starts to read the book, she seems to get younger. The woman then tells the girl to head into the palace. In the palace, the girl is told that she has a tutor coming to teach her. The tutor is the woman she has just met. The girl begins her lessons, as the author finishes typing for today, heads into his cottage and to bed. The man on the boat drifts out of his reverie and looks up to a night sky at a comet passing over head. After enjoying the night sky a while, the man heads into his sail boat to bed and drifts asleep recalling the reverie he had earlier about the man at the cottage writing a story about the princess.

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