(Premium) This bedtime story for grown ups is about an autistic duck named Ellie. Ellie runs around the meadow squeaking at the trees to help them grow, other ducks didn't really understand her and rarely played with her. She climbed onto an inflatable raft and travelled down the stream, over a waterfall and into a lake. At the lake, Ellie met with Frank the snorkeling turtle. Ellie had seen something glistening, so they both went to find out what it was. They tracks the glistening to something on the front of a barn door. They heard a noise coming from inside the barn. Inside the barn, they discover a snoring pigeon, Yoyo. The three of them have a picnic and chat before heading back to where they came from. Back at the lake, Ellie realised she couldn't get the raft back up the waterfall, so Frank called upon Kevin the condor to come and help. Kevin helped to get the raft up the waterfall to the stream. Ellie then drifted into a reverie in the meadow, thinking about that glistening thing she saw. She imagined being in a crystal cave, rubbing the crystals. That night, she settles down and drifts asleep.

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