(Premium) This bedtime story for grown ups is about you walking through the world about 100 years since the great reset, exploring a land where nature has overgrown and reclaimed much of the old world. You head into an old, crumbling city, camp in an old shopping mall, looking up at the stars overhead, before continuing your journey the next day to an old museum, looking at the painting and statues under the light of a flickering torch. Travel to a town on the outskirts of this city, meet a group of people, including an elder who is 117 and was alive at the time of the great reset. They describe the world before and after the reset and explain what happened. That night you have a deep, transformative dream. The next day, you continue on and find a tiger cub with an injury to one of its paws, you help the cub and the cub decides to be your companion, joining you as you continue your journey and remains your companion for years to come.

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