June 2, 2020

Falling Asleep in a Rainforest (Effects Version)

(Premium) This is a sleep meditation sleep story for grownups from 2018. I am going through my back catalogue of sleep meditations to create these new versions. It is a very common request for me to add sounds and music to my meditations. I will still be releasing my usual new meditations without background music and sound effects, although the new meditations will have background effects versions released in the future.

This healing hypnosis sleep story for grownups is a guided sleep meditation bedtime story about someone going through the drudgery of everyday life, then they book a holiday to an exotic location, they visit a rainforest, find a clearing with a lake and waterfalls, they dream of being on Mars looking back at the pale blue dot of the Earth before drifting off to sleep, completing their holiday and returning home refreshed and revitalised sleeping well in their own bed.

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