(Premium) This bedtime story for grown ups is about a black and white spotted dog, Harry, who enjoys playing with his brothers William and Cruz on a farm. One day, after a day of play, they settle down by a log fire and drift asleep. Harry drifts deeper and deeper asleep and finds himself walking out of the farm, across the fields and goes on a spiritual quest. He follows a dirt track away from the farm. As Harry continues a journey to the top of the distant mountains, he journey's through the seasons, from the beginning of spring to the end of winter. Harry experiences April showers, see different plants and animals, meadows and woodland. Spring develops into summer, he notices the difference with summer rain and notices the greater abundance of life. Harry follows a stream as he continues his journey. As he continues, he notices the dense meadow of plants of summer, give way to the reds and oranges of autumn. As autumn reaches winter, Harry begins his ascent up the mountain as it starts to snow. At the top of the mountain is a monastery. Harry enters the temple in the monastery to meet the almighty dog. In the centre of the temple is a golden bowl. Harry drinks from the bowl of wisdom to pass into the spiritual realm as a dog of wisdom, beginning a new chapter of existence on a new plane of reality to share love and healing. Harry settled down deeply and pleasantly relaxed, aware of his new mission.

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