(Premium) This bedtime story for grown ups is about a person lost walking in a meadow, they hear a bird and follow the bird song, noticing the bird seems to be leading them. They follow the bird into woodland where they sit next to it on a fallen down tree. The bird jumps onto their leg and begins psychically communicate with them. The bird then helps them to cross to a different realm by touching an obelisk to go and help a dragon who is unsettled and looking for peace, who is being controlled by an evil wizard. They head into the mountains to find the wizard, they discover the wizard in a temple, chanting over a pool of water. The person knocks pillars of flaming coals into the pool, throws the wizards book into the pool to stop the wizard being able to control the dragon. The person then headed back to the dragon, found a splinter stuck in the dragon which seemed to be controlling the dragon. The person removed the splinter, the dragon let our a roar of flames, destroying the wizard and being free of the spell. 

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