(Free) This is a healing sleep story about a journey into a land called You're Unconscious. This Ericksonian hypnotic bedtime story is a little different to my other sleep stories. It is made to give you somewhere in your mind to go where you can do your own inner non-conscious healing and changework. This uses hypnotic language and techniques to help guide you into the land of your unconscious mind where positive change can happen, as well as helping you to fall asleep.

This sleep story was made for someone who liked the different elements of this story and Alice in Wonderland. You find yourself climbing into a countryside painting, then walk towards a tree before finding yourself tumbling into a rabbit hole and tumbling and falling quickly deeply into that rabbit hole and into a deep trance rather than falling slowly into hypnosis, then at the bottom of the rabbit hole you discover yourself in the land of You're Unconscious where you meet different creatures, all of whom can communicate with you.

You can find dozens more self-hypnosis, meditation and sleep story mp3's at: https://danjoneshypnosis.podbean.com/ and my Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/danjoneshypnosis 

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