June 4, 2019

Mermaid on the Rock (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This healing hypnotic sleep story is a love story about a woman on holiday. She walks along a road in the rain before turning into woodland and heading to the beach. She walks along the seafront in the rain watching the sea and enjoying the peace and relaxation and being in nature. After walking a while she sees a mermaid on a rock in the distance. She walks to that rock, talks with the mermaid before diving into the sea with the mermaid and visiting the undersea world of the mer-people where she sits watching whales and fish and enjoying the company of the mermaid and as they continue their time together so they fall in love with each other and realise that they feel like each others soulmate.

You can find this story and about 100 others on my Dan Jones Hypnosis Sleep Stories Podcast to listen to as mp3's. Find out more here: https://danjoneshypnosis.podbean.com/. You can also find over 100 sleep stories for grownups and over 20 sleep stories for children, plus hypnotherapy training videos, autism awareness and mental health videos, guided meditations and self hypnosis videos on my YouTube channel 'Dan Jones Hypnosis': http://www.youtube.com/danjoneshypnosis 

You can also purchase my book 'Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups' which is a collection of 20 of my stories from my YouTube channel from Amazon and bookshops in paperback and on Amazon Kindle... Search Kindle, Amazon or bookshops for: Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups Dan Jones (You can follow this link to be taken to the book/ebook on your local Amazon website: http://hyperurl.co/etygs5)

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