(Premium) This bedtime story for grown ups is about a woman pruning an elderberry bush when she notices a being of light glide out of a portal. The woman follows the being of light into woodland to a clearing where it got brighter. Then the ground shook, pillars rose from the ground, then the being of light dropped to the ground as a naked human man, looking like they had just undergone a lot of stress. The person explains that they are a multi-dimensional being. The being explains that these structures were built on the energy lines of reality. The being is looking for a mythical creature to find something. The woman helps the being on their quest. The two of them set off on horse back. They travel through countryside and along the edge of a stream. The being says the mermaids will know where the creature is, so they head to the coast in search of a mermaid. The woman and the being dive under water with the mermaid. They head into a cave with a large glowing cavern where they discover a four-legged whale with the head of a jackal with feathers on its tail. The being heads to the whale and picks a glowing item from it. After they leave the whale and surface, the being shows a multidimensional button which they say holds the fabric of space and time together, which they need to fix a space-time rupture. They head back to the clearing, the being turns back into his multi-dimensional form. They head back to where the woman first met the being. He opens his portal and disappears. That night, the woman hears a hum and discovers a cube which seems to project an holographic film of what that being did next. The woman then drifts peacefully asleep.

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