July 7, 2020

The Rejuvenating Spa Day (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about arriving at a spa. You work your way around the rooms in the spa, you check out the first room, a dark, lavender smelling, warm, relaxing room with a projection of stars and nebula on the walls and ceiling. You find your mind wandering to imagining walking through a field of lavender. In the second room, you notice how light and cool it is, with tubes of bubbling water in the middle of the room. In this room, you drift into a reverie of playing with a dog to the smell of freshly cut grass. The next room contains artificially made snow and is cold. You feel a child-like playfulness and make a small snowman in the room. You notice that the cold seems to soften and numb any discomfort in your body. Your mind wanders to imagining walking through a snowy pine forest. You discover and enter an edible gingerbread house. You drift back from this experience into that room and then leave this room and head to the next room which is a Zen Garden. You rake the sand in the Zen Garden, before sitting down and meditating. You have a sense of being in a rocking chair on a porch looking out over fields of cows and sheep. You then get on a horse and follow a river up towards the hills. You camp by the river before heading back to the porch and finding your way back out of the meditation to the Zen Garden. You head to the next room, you relax down into the Jacuzzi. As you relax in the Jacuzzi you have a sense of resting on your back in the sea, gazing up at the sky bobbing up and down in the water. You imagine snorkeling. After leaving the Jacuzzi, you head to the next room. You notice this is a hot steam room. You imagine that this is like being in a rainforest. The next room is a hot dry room. You imagine that this room without humidity is how a desert would be. You have a sense of peace and wonder. You then head to the final part of this spa, to a warm pool of water, half indoors and half outdoors. You swim in the water and outside. Outside, it is snowing. You let snow land on your arms out of the water, then lower your arms back under the water, and repeating this. Then you rest back in a corner of the pool gazing at your surroundings and drifting into a reverie about what it would be like in a hot air balloon rising up into the sky, drifting and floating. You have a sense of turning into an owl and flying to a cave. You walk into the cave and notice it is a crystal cave. In the cave, you find a pool of water containing gold coins and a spinning crystal. After your experience, you find yourself back in the pool, head back into the spa, you get changed to end your spa day experience. You grab some food from the cafe, leave the spa and head home. That night, you feel so relaxed, you drift asleep effortlessly.

All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups use therapeutic storytelling to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety. If you want to learn about what makes my sleep stories therapeutic and what I am doing you can find out in this video here: https://youtu.be/sd2q_GZlTHQ 

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