(Premium) This bedtime story is about a monk in a monastery playing a quantum singing bowl with a soft hammer. As they use this singing bowl, it creates a connection between the quantum realms. They can travel within themselves across the realms. As they gain more knowledge, they begin to grasp the universal reality. As they consolidate learning from traversing the quantum realms, they dream about being a wise one, climbing down a cliff to the edge of an ocean. The see a goose honking while surfing on the back of a turtle. As the goose launches off of the turtle, it turns into a dragon. A message in a bottle gets washed up on shore. The monk reads the letter and sets off on a journey following the instructions in the message. They find a cave on an island and head into that cave where they discover a tree with crystal leaves twinkling and humming. They notice a shard of sunlight travelling across the ground to the tree. As it reaches the tree, the tree reflects the light around the leaves and projects the light around the cavern with rainbow patterns, while the tree sings and chimes. A cave entrance opens. They head through the open doorway where they discover a cave with a pedestal. On the pedestal is a book where each page is a mirror. They learn what they came here to learn, before heading back out of the cave, back to the cliff where they were observing the setting of the sun and the appearance of the stars and drifting into a place of nothingness. Before then drifting back to meditating by that singing bowl, finishing their meditation, before settling down, processing the experience and drifting asleep at night.

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