(Premium) This is a long sleep story for grownups created during a livestream with ideas from viewers. This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about a man who wakes one day to the sound of the grandfather clock downstairs. He has breakfast, spends some time in his garden, pets his dog and then goes on a walk with his dog. Heads through a park, through some woodland and down to a beach. The dog plays on the beach, jumping and splashing in the water, chasing a ball and accidentally jumps through a well built sandcastle that a father and son have built. The man and his dog continued their journey, from the beach, through some woodland, to a meadow. The man rested on his coat while his dog ran around. He took time to pay attention to nature around him. He then settled down to reading a novel on his phone and becoming absorbed in the story about an astronaut passing through an anomaly which transported them through time, initially into the past, then they found a solution to get themselves back to the present. Once in the present they wondered whether they could head to the future, so they continued on to the future, met with future humans. After reading for a while, the man drifts out of the story and back to the meadow. He continues to walk with his dog to a nearby village. They walk through the village and into woodland. The man rides on a zipwire in the woodland before continuing his journey along the edge of the river, over bridge and up the other side of the river, through countryside and into woodland again. The man finds that making this walk every day with his dog helps him in many ways, including helping his mental health. As he walks through the woodland his mind starts to wander to thoughts of walking through a zen garden and then meditating in that zen garden. While meditating, they have a sense of rising out of their body and up to a cave in the side of a mountain, sat beside a campfire looking down on himself in that zen garden. They drift deeply into meditation here in this cave. After their meditative experience, they drift out of the cave to the zen garden, out of the zen garden and back to themselves walking through the woodland. They continue their journey through the woodland, across a park and back home. The dog settles down, they make a drink and sit in the back garden for a while before carrying on with the day. Later in the day while in their garden, they see a crystal hanging in a tree, they spin the crystal in their hand and notice the rainbow light dancing in the sun. As they do this, so the tree moves and a portal seems to open up. They walk through the portal and descend some steps and discovers a secret base. The man is told that his mind will be wiped unless he can open a box. They hand him the box, he opens it without thought, to reveal a golden key. They then take him to a building and tell him that if he can get around the maze blind-folded and use the key to open a door at the other side, then he won't have his mind wiped. He puts his left hand on the wall and walks until he is out of the maze. He opens the door and discovers what looks like a UFO. They decide he may be able to help them, he explains he had lost his purpose and been searching. They hire him. As the sun sets, he settles down for the night, falling asleep.

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