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I'm Dan Jones, an Autistic YouTuber, Author & Mind Coach. My main passion is autism awareness. On this Dan Jones Hypnosis podcast I share my hypnotic sleep stories which have become very popular on YouTube over the last few years, many of these sleep stories are for grown ups, although they do work fine for teenagers and older children. Over the last few years my adult bedtime stories have become popular on YouTube. I started out developing an approach to telling sleep stories for children to help children fall asleep almost 20 years ago when I was working in children's homes with children with challenging behaviour and sleep issues who had often had very traumatic backgrounds. I taught other staff what it was I was doing to encourage children to sleep within 10 minutes when for them the children would just not settle. I then worked in family support and parenting work and taught parents how to tell stories to send children to sleep. I also started writing some of the stories down. I used to use my sleep stories approach by reading any story the child wanted read, but parents said they aren't so good at doing this, and asked if I could write stories around the approach, rather than fitting the approach around the stories. I wrote one of the stories in my 2006 parenting book 'Parenting Techniques That Work' and then wrote a book of eleven sleep stories for children in my 2015 book 'Sleepy Bedtime Tales' I followed this book up with another book for children containing eleven stories to help children relax or sleep called 'Relaxing Tales for Children'. By 2018 I had published over 100 sleep stories on my Dan Jones Hypnosis YouTube channel and my sleep stories for grown-ups were becoming increasingly popular. I wrote a book of 20 of these sleep stories in my 2018 book 'Bedtime Stories for Grown-ups'. I continue to make regular sleep stories for adults and children. My sleep stories are like guided sleep meditations or hypnotic sleep stories depending on your definition of hypnosis & meditation. I'm happy to call them hypnosis, but others prefer the term meditation.

As well as creating sleep stories I have spent the best part of the last 25 years working within mental health and family support work and as a hypnotherapist or mind-body therapist. Since 2003 I have been teaching hypnosis, communication skills and conflict resolution. I have written over 30 books on hypnosis, psychology, autism, bedtime stories, self-help and parenting. I've created hundreds of self-help audio tracks and over 15 eCourses to teach therapists therapy skills. I also teach a General Hypnotherapy Register accredited hypnotherapy diploma.

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