YouTuber, Author & Mind Coach Dan Jones Hypnosis Sleep Stories to help you sleep fast, sleep well & sleep all night. There are free and paid sleep stories available ranging from a few short stories up to 60 minute sleep stories. Many of the sleep stories are for grownups but there are also children's sleep stories and stories to help children relax, and healing guided meditations. All of the sleep stories are healing sleep stories, they have been developed to help with anxiety, worry, managing stress and other problems.

Dan Jones has been creating sleep stories for people since 2001, initially for children in care homes who struggled to sleep at night due to traumatic early life experiences giving negative associations with being in bedrooms and feeling unsafe with the idea of falling asleep who often exhibited challenging behaviour, then in early 2000's as online downloads and 2007 as YouTube videos. Dan had been creating sleep stories for himself since being a teenager in the mid-1990's.

There are sleep stories available for free, but most of the sleep stories are available to premium subscribers for either £3.75 per month subscription or £39.99 per year (saving over £5).

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