May 5, 2020

Connecting With Spirit Animals (Sleep Story)

(Premium) This is a deep sleep hypnosis, guided sleep meditation sleep story for grownups designed, like all my deep relaxation stories, to calm an overactive mind, reduce stress, worry and anxiety while helping you to fall asleep quickly, tackling insomnia. This is a long sleep story for grownups created during a livestream with ideas from viewers.

This healing sleep story for grownups is a bedtime story for grownups about walking through a forest in the arctic circle. You are walking to a clearing where you can see the northern lights. You sit on the snow watching the aurora. You take photos of the aurora. You see some polar bears, you notice the strangest thing, the lights begin to fill more of the sky and then seem to pass down into the adult polar bear creating rainbow light throughout that polar bear and then the cub. You take some photographs and follow the polar bears. You take photographs of a white fox, you notice a white owl. You follow the bears to the ocean. The bears head into a cave, you follow them. In the cave, you notice a glowing moss, you touch the moss and notice how soft it is. You discover a glowing pool of water. You feel safe around these bears. After healing light passes through your body, you sit down and meditate. One of the bears begins to talk to you, explaining where you are and what it going on. The bear explains that they are spirit animals. The bear shares about panpsychism and spirit animals, as the healing light fades through you, you exit the meditation. You notice the lights on the polar bears are fading and the bears look like they are about to fall asleep. As you leave the cave, you notice the sun is rising and the ocean is calm. You head back to the forest and back to a cabin, light a log fire and have a warm drink. You then relax a moment dreaming about your experience of seeing the polar bears. You see them running down the hill and turning into horses riding on a rainbow over the ocean. When you wake up, you go outside the cabin to the lake. You see a large stag walking out of the forest. That night you sleep well, the next morning you make your journey home. You stop on the way home, spending a night somewhere as a storm passes by in the distance with rain on your window. As you continue your journey, you stop at an orchard, you meet the pets at this orchard and sit and talk with the owner for a while. You spend the night at the orchard. Once home, you change into comfortable clothes, that night, you have a warm shower and head to bed, meeting the polar bear in a dream, they give you an amethyst which you still have when you awaken that seems to help you connect with nature. One night you drift deeply and profoundly asleep as you absorb the experience.

All of my healing hypnotic sleep stories for grownups use therapeutic storytelling to help you fall asleep while reducing stress, worry and anxiety. If you want to learn about what makes my sleep stories therapeutic and what I am doing you can find out in this video here:

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