(Premium) This bedtime story for grown ups is about Gareth awakening in a strange house where all he can see in every direction is black. As he walks in the house, he notices that the floor moves and raises. Whenever he tries to walk towards the walls of the house, the floor tilt more and more, and he slides back to the centre of the house. A tiny green budgie named arthur flies into the room landing on Gareth's finger and introduces themselves. Arthur helps Gareth out of the house. Once out of the building, he realises that he was in a brown building in a large structure. Arthur explains that the large structure is a maze and a chamber which used to be the minotaur's maze with the smoothest onyx floor. Gareth and Arthur find their way out of the minotaur's labyrinth using a golden thread which lead through the maze. They exited the maze into a forest on a moonlit night. Gareth walked through the forest out into a clearing. He sat down in a meadow with Arthur perched next to him, gazing up at the stars in the sky, watching as the moonlight glistened on a distant lake. Gareth explains to Arthur that he had fallen asleep and found himself in that room. Arthur guides Gareth down to the lake. At the lake a mist forms over the water. An arm raises from the water holding a sword. Arthur flies to the sword, grabbing the sword as he falls from the sky as a man. Arthur explains that he is King Arthur in this land and this is his sword. Arthur shares his quest is to find the holy grail, but that it isn't what you think it is. He explains that Gareth is in a different dimension of reality. Merlin walked out of the trees holding a glowing orb. Merlin conjures up a home for Gareth here in this land near the lake. Gareth makes this home the place to stay when he is here in this land. Merlin hands Gareth a puzzle box and tells him, when he is here, to work on completing the puzzle box. 

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